Ramapo River Watershed Intermunicipal Council

The Ramapo River watershed is a sole source aquifer that provides drinking water to approximately 2 million people. Because of the importance of protecting this vital water supply, and due to the threats of development and pollution, the members of the 29 communities, 4 counties, and two states within the watershed have joined together to protect their water supply in a unique endeavor called the RRWIC.

HEnRI is also proud to be a member of the RRWIC's Technical Advisory Committee, and has helped in the preparation of a work plan that will conserve and restore high conservation value areas within the watershed, provide a water quality monitoring regime for the river, and promote more environmentally conscious use of the river corridor. For more information on the RRWIC and its activities please visit their website:


Ramapo River, photo: Geoff Welch