Summary of Mile-a-Minute Meeting

May 4, 2007   10am – 12:30

Rockland CCE


Emilie Hauser                                                    HRNERR

Laura Weyeneth                                                 SCA/HRNERR

Donna Cooke                                                     CCE Rockland

Jen Stengle                                                         CCE Putnam

Lynn Barber                                                       Audubon, Orange Co. Regional Contact

Kelly Sheridan                                                   Audubon

Kris Gilbert                                                        NYS DOT – Region 9

Margie Turrin                                                     LDEO, Rockland County Contact

Annie Osborn                                                     NY/NJ Trails Conference

John Mickelson                                                  CIESIN

George Profous                                                  NYS DEC – Stewart

Katrina Shindledecker                                        NYSOPRHP – Taconic Region


Next Mile-a-minute meetings:  

          June 8,           10 AM -  Rockland CCE – 40 Minute Training With Bob O’Brien

          July 20,          10 AM  -  Rockland CCE

          September 7,  10 AM – Rockland CCE


Scheduled MAM Pulls:

            June 1&2                       SCA Event at Iona Island

June 23:     10:30 AM   Stewart State Forest  - Meet at Barron Rd. South

            June 26:     10:00 AM   Ward Pound Ridge

            July 7:        10:00 AM   Ward Pound Ridge

            July 11:      10:00 AM   Ward Pound Ridge

            July 19:      10:00 AM   Ward Pound Ridge

            July 27:      10:00 AM   Ward Pound Ridge

            August 25:  10:30 AM  Stewart State Forest – Meet at Barron Rd. South


For any other pull dates and locations please contact Laura Weyeneth 845-889-4745 x115


MAM Training in Rockland County

            June 23:    10 AM – 2 PM   at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

This free training session with Margie Turrin and Laura Weyeneth is for anyone who would like to learn how to identify the invasive mile-a-minute vine, help survey the area to look for new infestations, and help hand pull the weed in select locations. 

John Mickelson will provide GPS training.

Please RSVP Laura Weyeneth  845-889-4745x115


Eradication Grants:

The deadline for applying is June 29, 2007.  Grants require a 50-50 match.

Grants website:



State agencies can apply for the Terrestrial Invasive Species Eradication Grant Program. They can not apply for Aquatic Species Eradication. The text is quoted here:  “Eligible applicants include State Agencies, municipalities and Not-For-Profit Corporations (NFPs). Other groups must apply through a municipality or NFP. Proposals for projects that are already receiving assistance from the Environmental Protection Fund or other New York State assistance programs for similar activities (i.e., aquatic invasive species eradication) are ineligible for funding under this Program.”

Contact Emilie if you are interested in applying for a joint mile-a-minute grant.


Orange County Audubon and the town of Hamptonburg, which is heavily infested with mile-a-minute, would be good candidates to apply for the Terrestrial Invasive Species Eradication Grant Program.


For mile-a-minute, the three herbicides for which Naja Kraus applied for FIFRA 2(ee) recommendations are Goal 2 XL, Rodeo and Vegetation Manager Ticlopyr 3SL.

Interstate Update – CIESIN:

John Mickelson at CIESIN provides database support for invasive species as part of CIESIN’s work as the Northeast (National Biological Information Infrastructure) NBII node.


A region-wide tool including a new web address will be coming soon – hopefully within the next 6 weeks.  John is working with Bob O’Brien at Parks and others to insure that data fields are consistent.  We will be using this inter-operable website to input and update infestation location and control information. In the meantime, continue to use the IPC reporting form.  Once an adequate database is established, it will be possible to model and predict the spread of mile-a-minute. 


A new Yahoo Group has been created specifically for the northeast USA for Mile-a-Minute.  An e-mail invitation has been sent to all MAM meeting participants and others who are involved with or interested in MAM. Look for [mam_ne] in the subject.  If you would like to be in this group to learn about the latest ED/RR, share MAM related news, and list events such as trainings, mapping, monitoring, or pulls on the calendar – send an e-mail to



Has mile-a-minute been identified using remote sensing?  A good question for the yahoo group!


Watch streams coming out of Stewart. There are 2 streams west of Stewart that could carry MAM. One of the streams is Beaverdam Brook. It is a tributary of the Otterkill.

The other stream is in the same general area, but further south. It may be
part of Beaverdam Brook or an unnamed tributary of Beaverdam Brook.


These groups were specifically mentioned as ones who are out in the field and could help with monitoring. See action items list below, to see who (if anyone) has volunteered to contact them.

            USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS).        

            NYS DEC

      • foresters
      • wetlands

            Ag. & Markets – lack of funding, human resources

            Utilities – Emilie, George, and John may craft a letter to offer training and ask for

                             assistance looking for MAM in the field  

            Urban Forestry – Re-Leaf – USDA Forest Service has 3 conferences each year

            Fish & Game Clubs

            Trout Unlimited

            Torrey Botanical Society   John M. has been in                              contact with them.

            Orienteering Groups


            Land Trusts – Westchester, Hudson Highlands, Putnam Co., Orange Co.



Some infestation sites have yet to be mapped.  Please verify with Laura W, if you think your work has not been mapped.


Mountain Road in Cornwall  - a private landowner found and pulled it out last year.


Hagstrom Road Maps were used in Orange County last year to plot locations. Latitude and longitude was determined by on-line converter programs.


Both John Mickelson of CIESIN and Troy Weldy of TNC have offered to produce GIS maps for the Mile-a-Minute Project.  Laura will work with them and HRNERR staff to get map packets ready for volunteers.


Margie requested maps for volunteers in Rockland County.  Air photos with MAM infestations would be very helpful.           


Kris Gilbert requested MAM points in PA – she wants to show staff at DOT where MAM is located and its threat to NY near the PA border.



Brochures can be placed by the front door but not in the mail box.

Before leafleting, make sure there is no anti-solicitation law.


Finding Land Owners of Infested Property:

Property owner information is public and can be found at the town assessor or county real property office.  A realtor may be able to help. Contact John Mickelson for help with  Rockland and Orange County. 


Health and Safety:

Some people have noted that they get contact dermatitis  (rash) after pulling mile-a-minute. This is in addition to the stains on skin from the sap. Is this an allergic reaction?  Does sap make skin sensitive to the sun (photo-sensitive)?  A good question for the yahoo group!



2007 Goals:  

We will discuss how to meet the goals for 2007 at our next meeting, June 8.  More information to follow.


Action Items:


John Mickelson

1)      Con Rail, Metro North, Hudson & Harlem outreach

2)      USGS web based database

3)      GPS training for Rockland County – June 23

4)       Photos with maps

5)      Contact Torrey Botanical Society


George Profous

1)      Send utility letters to Emilie and Laura

2)      Follow up with herbicides at Stewart


Anne Osborne

1)      Contact Fish and Game Clubs

2)      Send Cornwall point to Meg Wilkinson

3)      Follow up article in NY/NJ Trails newsletter

4)      Garden Club outreach


Betsy Blair

1)      Help draft letter to utilities

2)      Outreach to DEC Lands and Forests, Public Lands


Kris Gilbert

1)      Educate DOT staff


Donna Cooke, Jen Stengle, Jeff Geller

1)      Train Master Gardeners

2)      Make sure Hudson Valley Hort has article – for landscapers. MAM = more work


Katrina Shindledecker

1)      Send seeds to Jen Stengle

2)      Eradication grant

3)      Contact Camp Smith

4)      Put MaM brochures in Geocaches


Emilie Hauser

1)      Send PA contacts, PA alert and PA points from Linda P. to Kris Gilbert

2)      Draft outreach letter to utilities with John

3)      E-mail Rockland Co. contact list from Kathy Galione to Margie Turrin


Laura Weyeneth

1)      Work with Troy Weldy, John Ladd and John Mickelson to produce maps

2)      Get maps for Rockland and Orange County

3)      Send invitation to join MAM yahoo group

4)      Contact orienteering group(s)



1)      Send press releases into local media and newsletters

2)      Let Laura know if there are event opportunities

3)      Let Laura know how she can help you

4)      Send media contact lists to Laura

5)      Send utilities contacts to Emilie

6)      Keep up the good work!


Upcoming Events:


Nyack Shad Festival – Margie Turrin

Cold Spring Farmers Market – Putnam CCE

Beacon Strawberry Festival – Ann Osborne

Ulster County Fair – George Profous and Laura Weyeneth

Clearwater Festival – Anne Osborne and Laura Weyeneth