Mile-a-Minute Meeting 11/9/07

Summary by Laura Weyeneth


Attended by:

Lynn Barber - Orange County volunteer                            

Brenda Bates - Westchester County Parks

Jeff Geller - Rockland County CCE

Emilie Hauser - NYS DEC HRNERR

Elisabeth Kolb – NYS DOT

Ed McGowan - PIPC

John Mickelson - Landscape Ecology

Bob O’Brien - PIPC Minnewaska

Rick Oestrike - Fishkill Creek Watershed

George Profous - NYS DEC Forester

Mark Rogers - NYS OPRHP Rockefeller Park

Kelly Sheridan - Orange County volunteer

Laura Weyeneth - NYS DEC HRNERR SCA


Next MAM Meeting: January 11 at Rockland CCE. Snow date scheduled for January 18.

Next Lower Hudson PRISM Meeting: December 11, 12:30 – 3 at Teatown Lake Reservation, Ossining, NY.



Lynn Barber burned bags of pulled MAM on her property – 4 plants grew from “escaped” seeds.  Use extreme caution when transporting MAM. Burning on site is still recommended.


Kelly Sheridan and Emilie Hauser reported NY Regional Interconnect Project High Voltage lines across from Stewart are proposed to run all the way to Oneida Co.  Infested power lines may transmit invasive species to other regions in NY State. This issue should be followed.


George Profous reported Smart Growth Planning Money ($ ½ million) has been allocated for Stewart Airport.  Invasives and MAM are issues in the areas in and around this new development.
Rowe's Farm, adjacent to Stewart State Forest, is infested with MAM.  
Stewart Forest (NYS DEC) will be instituting a new requirement to clean vehicles in the next Permit to be granted for farming in 2008.
Hay is sold and distributed.  Movement of crops may be of interest to spreading MAM.
Concern for Colony Farm’s hay crop was expressed.
GP and E.Kolb can send documents describing BMPs
on decontaminating equipment.  
2008 research:  4-H project potential – where do crops go? Farm Bureau connection



Ed McGowan will attend MAM biocontrol meeting at U Delaware on Nov.14. It is a meeting of all institutions and states involved in the stem-boring weevil, Rhinoncomimus latipes Korotyaev, releases.

Weevils have already been released in 7 states. NJ has statewide permit for weevil release.  Two  broods can be released at any time during active season, but are most effective if released in spring. Weevils are not commercially available yet. The question was asked whether the weevils would affect other Polygonums, which is a huge genus. Ed will report at next meeting.

The new administration at Parks has set aside money for resource management.


Mark Rogers will have Saunders High School student experiment with cooking MAM berries and then test their ability to germinate.

Possible follow-up for 2008: Talk to Cornell about how to ensure that composting will kill MaM seeds.


Herbicides:  There is pressure from some environmental groups to ban the use of herbicides on all state lands. NYS DEC is reviewing a proposed executive order. Troy Weldy (TNC) has prepared a white paper to justify herbicides. Audrey Thier is DEC contact.


We also mentioned Erik Kiviat’s “Phragmites Management Source Book for the Tidal Hudson River” – Report to the Hudson River Foundation. 


The group discussed that steam has reportedly been a successful treatment for MaM. 

Elisabeth Kolb reports that DOT has set funds aside to use Waipuna (, an alternative to herbicides for roadside guiderail and sign treatments in Region 8 (Hudson Valley). Waipuna, which uses hot foam, won’t harm trees or shrubs, only herbaceous plants. DOT will try to incorporate treating invasive species with Waipuna during the pilot project and evaluate the product’s effectiveness.  Germany has had success treating invasive plants with Waipuna.

Note added later: For a TNC review of waipuna go to:


Brenda Bates reports MAM is spreading all over Ward Pound Ridge.  It’s popping up in fields and meadows which will be mowed next year. It is especially problematic along the river. Volunteers will be needed next year to hand pull the area where 500 tree seedlings were recently planted. 

Matran 2, an organic herbicide did not kill MAM. In the first week after application, the plants shriveled then they came back more vigorously.


Note added later: Here are two links to Matran (clove oil is active ingredient)




   clove oil and vinegar desiccate (dry-out) plant shoots. A    common clove oil product, Matran 5A (EcoSMART Technologies; Franklin, Tenn.), is OMRI-approved and USDA       NOP-compliant and contains 50 percent clove oil. Vinegar (acetic acid) is contained in a variety of products     including Distilled White Vinegar Concentrate (National Vinegar Company; St. Louis, Mo.). The National Vinegar        Company product is OMRI-approved and USDA NOP-compliant.”


Rick Oestrike reported that mile-a-minute debris was burned on site at LaGrange Town Park (Dutchess County). The infestation is much larger than previously thought. The vine is on property owned by a catholic church and a local rod and gun club.  Local government has not responded.


How to attract more volunteers?

·         Advertise MAM Pulls as habitat restoration work.

·         Major corporations have volunteer days – have them pull MAM.


Restoration Efforts:  This is the next step, right now we have relied on the existing seed bank. Could /should have volunteers pull and plant using native seed mixes? We could come up with a 1 pager consulting with Kevin Grieser/Trees for Tribs.  Some plants are weed resistant – DOT uses peppermint and goldenrod. Cornell has a handbook.


Spring Kick-Off

Ideas include:

            Panel of restoration ecologists

            Site Design – Vision, maintenance, oversight


Volunteer Recognition:
At the September meeting it was agreed that volunteers would be recognized at County Legislature meetings, with the objective of both attracting more volunteers and increasing  awareness of the general public and legislators.  Certificate awards will be presented at County legislative meetings. Information on current and future efforts will be given.

Rick will draft a letter to the legislators for distribution one week prior to ceremony.

Jeff will draft letter for Rockland County with legislator Connie Coker (CCE liaison).

John and Lynn will draft Orange County letter.


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