Mile-A-Minute Report from Lasdon Park and Arboretum

Summer 2007


MAM was found growing sporadically over approximately 10 acres in the park.Park Manager, Ted Kozlowski, determined that the use of an herbicide was the only realistic control.Lasdon Park and Arboretum is a Westchester County Park but has an exemption to spray.The MAM was growing in areas that surround the Veteranís Trail of Honor and individual War Memorials.Much of the area is forested, but there have been many ash trees that have been lost in that area due to ash decline.This created clearings in the woods where Japanese stilt grass, barberry, wild grape vines and MAM have taken over. The MAM has covered the large barberries creating mounds of MAM.


Mike Tkacz, Senior Maintenance Mechanic-Grounds, did all of the spraying at the park.The herbicide used was Roundup Weed and Grass Killer.Spraying began on June 27, before the MAM began to produce berries.It took nearly a week to see the resulting MAM dieback.Spraying was done twice in June, seven times in July, and four times so far in August. We have seen some regrowth within two weeks in areas that have already been sprayed.Nearly a full gallon of Roundup concentrate was used to date. Thanks to Mikeís total diligence and persistence almost 99% of the previously existing MAM, which equaled about one-half acre all together, has been eliminated.


We will need to establish a regular monitoring program next year at Lasdon Park in order to keep MAM from coming up into the parking lot area and into our formal gardens.A major concern is that birds will spread the seed from adjacent properties where areas of MAM have been sited.Hopefully any new MAM will be able to be controlled through hand pulling with the assistance of volunteers.



Submitted 8/28/07 by:

Tolly Beck, LPA Horticulturist

914 864-7263