Weevil Release Sites

Please do not disturb Mile-a-Minute within a 1 mile radius of these release sites.  Please also refrain from moving or disturbing these weevils. 
Navigate to the "Permits" page under the "Biocontrol" drop down menu for information on how to acquire the necessary permits to move and release the Mile-a-Minute weevil to a Mile-a-Minute infestation site at which this biocontrol was not previously released.

Map Courtesy of Don Steinmetz, GIS Specialist, HEnRI

Three release sites in upper left corner: Stewart State Forest (Orange County). 
Release site in middle of the map: Iona Island (Rockland County). 
Near bottom of map: Camp Bluefields in Blauvelt (Rockland County). 
Release site in upper right of map: Cranberry Mountain (Putnam County).

The Mile-a-Minute Weevil
Stewart State Forest, Orange County

Mile-a-Minute Weevil feeding ("shot hole" appearance)
Cranberry Mountain, Putnam County

Mile-a-Minute defoliation
Iona Island, Rockland County

Photographs Courtesty of S. Mogil