A federal and state permit are required to move and release certain species into the wild, including the weevil used as a biocontrol for the Mile-a-Minute weed. 

All Mile-a-Minute infestation sites are of concern, but one should meet certain requirements to become a candidate site for a weevil release.  Infestation sites that cannot be easily managed by hand-pulling or mowing several times per month due to the site size and are not in close proximity of another release site (>50 miles) are of highest priority. 

Weevil release requires monitoring techniques that must be completed twice per year at each release site (three times if the release was done the previous year), which requires roughly one hour per site.

If interested in this biocontrol, please refer to the following documents or contact HEnRI for more information.

Instructions for completing permits

State Permit & Supplemental Pages

Federal Permit

University of Delaware Monitoring Protoco

The Mile-a-Minute Weevil
Stewart State Forest, Orange County